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Web and Custom Database Design

JVillalobos Consulting (JVC) – a Claris FileMaker Developer Member -for over 10 years  specializes in custom database applications using FileMaker Pro /Claris Pro as well as agile websites in WordPress 6 that support our clients’ workflows to achieve significant productivity gains. Our speciality is complex integration of FileMaker Pro 19 with cloud services like Zapier, Claris Connect, Quickbooks Online(QBO), Twlio(SMS), SendGrid(Email Blasting), Payment Processing (Authorize.net) and many more. We support your custom app with careful analysis, a thorough consideration of your work flow, and great project management. Give us a call today!


 is the new name for FileMaker,Inc. 

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Website Design 

You know you need to be online to stay competitive. But who has time to learn all the complexities of the internet?  

Stay focused on your core business. Let JVillalobos Consulting design and build your internet presence. From entry level “business card” pages to complex websites featuring dynamic content, FileMaker Pro database connectivity and e-commerce, we can put you in control of your web future

Website Design

In addition to designing your online presence, JVillalobos Consulting is a full service integrator and can setup your website and e-mail, manage e-news mailings to keep you in touch with your customers, and provide e-mail discussion groups, tech support lists and moderated forums to enhance your customer service and satisfaction.

Branding & Logo

With the help of talented graphic designers we have helped companies like Bayco,  BlackStarSurf Shop, and others rebrand their company.  This is bigger under taking and we like to work with other agencies to complete the brand indentity guide and implementation throughout your digital assetts.

Content Strategy

Many clients come to us with very little content for their websites.  In this case we hire web writers who help the client come up with a single tone and style for their website text.   Sometimes you need a blog, sometimes it’s a newsletters, and sometimes it’s a mail blast. Let us help you craft your best content strategy.

Custom Database Development

JVC provides custom database development services all types of organizations including non-profits. We specialize in building complete solutions in the Claris FileMaker Pro platform.  Our team deploys both small and large applications on both Macintosh and Windows desktops. We service all modern versions of FileMaker® Pro, FileMaker® Server, and FileMaker Go™ (for the iPad and iPhone). We were pioneers in bringing FileMaker databases to the web using PHP, XML, and now the REST/JSON/DATA API.

Built From Scratch

We don’t like to re-invent the wheel.  Before we build a custom database we review your requirements and determine if your workflow fits any existing template.  If not, we will build an application from scratch that will fit your company and workflow perfectly.  Custom database free you from having to adjust commercial solutions built for other industries.  Most clients will achieve greater automation and productivity gains when using a custom application.  

Choose a Premade Template

Sometimes your particular needs can be met using a simple template or combination of ready made templates by Claris or other Claris partners.   These templates may already have essential features like a Contacts, Invoices, Calendar, etc.   Our team will then modify and tailor these templates to your requirements while adding custom modules to complete your solution.   

Maintenance & Updates

Once your application is deployed or rolled out to users it’s a good idea to plan for maintenance and updates.  Claris rolls out a new version every year of FileMaker Pro/ Server and in the future it will be more often.    In addition, your users and external factors may require you update your application like adding a new module like a Calendar, new billing requirements by a valued customer, adding SMS (text messaging), HTML email, Script Servers, etc.  JVC offers SSA (Service and Support Agreements) that provide quick response to system, network or application issues.  

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My Process


How does one begin developing good and useful products? Well, you have to find a problem in the status quo and develop opportunities that you can capitalize upon. You must define what you plan on creating — the define phase is aptly titled. You must begin defining user needs, what goals you plan to accomplish and how you plan on positioning yourself within the competition.


Following the definitions of your product comes the creation of concepts, of which is found within the design phase. You will find yourself creating, drawing, sketching and otherwise developing the visual flow of your work flow.This is the skeletal system that will be developed upon throughout the design process. We will build a prototype first then show you samples of other projects and finally see what templates might exist.  From there we build your custom solution that addresses your own company’s workflow.


With our experience building different custom solutions we will provide at least 3 rounds of revisions to the design to allow you to experiment.  The goal is to improve the original design by making it faster, less clicks, and easier to navigate.  Users can play a pivotal role in this process. 


The build phase is where we take all the information and feedback gathered from prototyping and we begin to build the product with design layouts and build upon our already established front-end coding. Thus, resulting in your final iteration — we put the asterisk solely because there are times we re-visit a “final” product and iterate upon it.

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About Me

Hello! I’m Javier. I’ve Been Building Databases and Websites for 17 Years

Thanks for visiting and learning more about my company and process. Contact me via phone (415) 290-1908 or email to start discussing how we can be of assistance.

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  • Web Design
  • Complex Integration Cloud Services

Years of Experience

Independent Projects

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  • 10 years at JVC
  • 14 years at Apple
  • 1 Year at Hewlett Packard
  • 1 year at Palm Computing
  • 1 Year at Sun Microsystems
  • 2 years consulting with Young & Rubicam Global Technology Practice Group


  • Occidental College
  • California Institute of Technology
  • UC Berkeley


  • Stanford University
  • UC San Francisco
  • Harmonic, Inc.
  • SF AIDS Foundation
  • Native American Health Center
  • Safety Training Seminars
  • Operation Joshua
  • ConcreteWorks 
  • FashionDrapery
  •  plus 200 + more

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