We create custom  database applications and websites  that bring information to light in a meaningful way.

Custom Database & Web Application Development

AGILE Software development using FileMaker Pro

We tailor your software project to the needs of a department, a team, and sometimes for an  individual. Our goal is to automate multiple processes so you can focus on the bottom line.

IT Consulting

We always work closely with your IT Dept to ensure any system we build fits with an organization’s technology strategy.

We also consult with IT organizations to define good desktop, database and website practices so that they can continue to support you after we complete our work.

IT and DATABASE Support

We help clients maintain, improve, extend, and optimize existing solutions as well as design brand software.

Integration & Technologies

We always try integrate open source or commercial software solutions with our solutions: our primary emphasis is on solving the problem with the best solution

Non-Profit & Education

Our clients in the non-profit have a special place in our hearts.  We recognize they usually have limited budgets but that doesn’t mean they don’t aspire for comprehensive solutions.

Very often we donate our expertise and time to ensure they get the same level of consulting than large businesses.

What to Expect

We commit to being available and responsive:

  • You’ll meet with us regularly, either by phone or in person, as the project requires.
  • We’ll respond to email within a day, phone calls often within hours.
  • We strive to stay on budget and will advise you when we are reaching our estimated times.
  • We’ll provide recommendations as to what is best for your situation.
  • If we don’t know something, we’ll bring someone on-board to assist us.

For your information (needs)