Custom iOS and  Mobile Apps

The advent of  iPhone, iPad, and Android has yielded tremendous productivity for businesses to stay better connected to their customers, vendors, and employees.

JVillalobos Consulting approaches custom development for mobile devices with the same approach and methodology or all of our development practices. Whether creating a mobile app for your law office to pull case information on the go, a tool for your customers to check on the status of their order, or a registration system for your training company, we have the experience, the methodologies, and the know-how to create attractive and effective apps.

Moreover, we can help you understand how repurpose your existing content and systems for mobile devices. Developing  applications for mobile devices requires a good understanding of multi-touch technology, bandwidth constraints, and business workflow.

JVillalobos specializes in creating native iOS applications for iPad and iPhone, as well as using FileMaker Go to extend FileMaker databases on the iOS.

FileMaker Go running on iPad and iPhone

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