FileMaker Web Hosting Subscriptions

FileMaker Pro 14-15 Hosting Subscriptions for Year 2016

  • SPECIAL NOTE: FileMaker Pro Server 15  hosting requires a dedicated server and dedicated license for FileMaker Pro Server 15.  FileMaker, Inc. prohibits any company from providing discounted shared hosting services.  However, we still offer discounted FileMaker Pro Server 14 hosting.  If you need FileMaker Pro 15 Server hosting please contact us for options with our partners. We have helped setup many customers with dedicated servers.

Choosing JVillalobos for FileMaker Server 14 hosting allows you to lower costs and focus on your business.
Here are a few of the benefits:
– Save money by only purchasing FileMaker Pro Client licenses, not the $1000 server license for FileMaker Server 14 Advanced.
– Jvilllalobos uses the Filemaker Server Advanced 14 version with WebDirect capability allowing you view your databases via a web browser for situations when you are away from your office.
– FileMaker Server 14 supports FileMaker Go for iPhone and iPad so you can connect to your database while on the go.
– Save money by not having to purchase and maintain expensive server equipment.
– Save money by not having to purchase high-upload speed DSL, Cable or T1 for your office and get a dedicated IP address. We host the servers at 1000 mb upload and download speeds.
– Save money by not having to hire monthly technical support people for your system.
– Save headaches by not having to worry about data corruption and back-ups.
– Save time because we can deploy many solutions within 24 hours.
– Keep the flexibility and ease of use you’ve come to expect from FileMaker 7 through Filemaker 14.
– FileMaker Server Advanced 14 keeps your data secure with the use of SSL encryption technology by encrypting information that is transferred between hosted databases and desktop clients.

Plans and Pricing
Whether you have 1 or 10 databases you can choose the type of FileMaker Hosting that suites your needs. Discounts available for non-profits as well as 6 month or 12 month agreements. For custom plans of more than 1 database or 10 users, please contact

Plan Name # of Databases Number of Users Price Link to Subscribe
7 Day Trial
$7 for 7 days then $89 each month after that.

Monthly Plan 5
$79 (no setup fee)

Monthly Plan 10
$159 plus $100 setup fee

Monthly Plan 20
$276 plus $150 setup fees

For your information (needs)