FileMaker Pro 13 Server Advanced and Web Hosting for our Clients
FileMaker Pro 13 client as well as Server, Server Advanced, and FileMaker Go for IPad and iPhone were introduced on in December 2013.  We are gearing up to offer hosting in 2014.  If you are interested in us hosting your FileMaker Pro 13 database please email us so we can put you on the list.

FileMaker Pro 13 Server Advanced and Web Hosting for our Clients

JVillalobos Consulting provides internet consulting services for businesses and individuals using the latest technology to insure the quality, speed and availability of your online experience. Get all the best that the web has to offer by checking out our internet packages and signing up today.

JVillalobos Consulting has a full range of business solutions to meet your e-commerce, web, e-mail and database hosting requirements.Web Hosting using our the latest Quad Core Xenon Intel Processor Servers including:
– 500 MB of Storage
– 1 Email Account
– FTP Access
– Daily Backups
– Telephone Support

Cost:  $20 a month or $240 a year 

FileMaker Server 11-13 Hosting
Most of our clients prefer to have their web, email and databases hosted to reduce costs.  Hosting starts at $79 – $300 a month depending on the number of users. The monthly fee includes 1 hour of support for backups and other minor
issues. Note, if you have not upgraded to version 13, we can still host your databases from version 7- 10 as FileMaker Server 11 can host all previous versions.

FileMaker Pro Hosting Subscriptions
If you have already discussed your hosting needs, you can click here to
authorize your monthly payments.

For your information (needs)