FileMaker Pro

JVillalobos Consulting offers comprehensive database consulting services and database-powered website development. We build solutions utilizing FileMaker Pro 6 through the latest version 16 including multi-user systems, FileMaker Pro 16 Server and FileMaker Pro Server 16 Advanced. For all versions of FileMaker Pro,  we offer web-enabling technologies including PHP, FX.PHP, CDML, XML, XSLT, MySQL, Joomla, QuickTime, QuicktimeVR, Flash, PDF, Ajax and JavaScript.

Together with our consulting, web design and internet hosting services, we can develop and support turnkey database solutions for single users, networked businesses and workgroups, intranet/internet users, and remotely located WAN clients.

A few examples of things we can help you do more efficiently include:

– Customer Relations Management
– Estimating & Project Management
– Conference Registration
– Alumni Office Management
– Career Services Internship/Job Databases
– Course Submission
– Medical Records Management
– Online Catalogs & Directories
– Online Data Collection
– E-Commerce
– Invoicing  & Account Management
– Inventory Management

Whatever your line of work, we can design a system to manage your information and automate your workflow from your desktop to the internet.

Professional Interface Design
Many FileMaker databases begin as internal projects with staff designing the first phases of the system. As time progresses the interface becomes ever more important to accomodate new features, layouts, reports, scripts. JVillalobos specializes in designing and upgrading databases to ensure a delightful user experience through incorporation of the company’s style guide, logos, photography, 3D tabs, and photoshop graphics. The result is a database that looks and feels professional plus you have users who love to use it everyday. While many companies don’t yet understand the value of good interface design the results speak for themselves with clients who report lower training costs, more productivity per day, faster access to information, and a better return on their investment. Contact us for an entire presentation on user interface for many of our projects which will give you a good sense of our capabilities.

Recent Projects 2004 – 2017 (present)

Psychotherapist Directory and Member Login 
The project was initially considered in mySQL and PHP but since they had built their original database in FileMaker we decided to expand the current database and build two WebApps. The first WebApp was a sophisticated Locator form that allows you to select the type of therapist, type of therapy, location, and even insurances they accept. The search results includes all types of data along with pictures. The second Webapp allowed the members to login, update their profile, create their own personal web page, and conduct their annual membership renewal via Paypal.

Music Festival Ticketing and Patron Management 
This was for a prestigous music festival here in the bay area who reviewed many existing solutions out there but decided they wanted to build their own system to accomodate their workflow. The system required all the sophistication of web systems but running in FileMaker Pro Server 14. The databases also track Patrons and Gift management. It was very important for this client that their high paying donor data never appear in the cloud.

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