About JVillalobos Consulting

We specialize in custom database and web development for business process improvement including mobile and responsive apps.

We are a virtual group of consultants and developers who have a passion for well-architected information systems, for building efficient applications, and most of all for solving real problems.

JVillalobos Consulting was started in the year 2000 by Javier Villalobos who spent over 14 years at Apple, Inc. in a variety of marketing, engineering and management positions. After leaving Apple, Javier consulted for Palm, Inc, Hewlett Packard, Sun Micro Systems, Exodus Communications, Young and Rubicam Advertising (Global Technology Practice Group), KnowledgePoint Marketing and Stanford University before starting his own technology practice. No matter what project or company he worked with, he always found that their information systems left a lot of to be desired.  He always recommended that companies develop their own custom databases solutions to automate and improve the companies workflow.  It was then that his appreciation for tools like FileMaker Pro, MySQL, PHP and other web technologies began. Today, after 15 years of delivering custom solutions to over 250 clients,  he continues to offer his insights, experience, and expertise to help customers achieve significant gains in productivity.

Contact Us

To learn more about JVillalobos Consulting, take a look around our webite or call us at 415-241-9950. You can also reach via email at You can expect to speak directly with a consultant with both technical and business expertise. We will discuss your goals and requirements and explore how we might work together to address your needs.


We partner with FileMaker Inc., Triple8 Networks for FileMaker and Web Hosting, Kerio Technologies for Email and of course your IT Dept,  and other companies  to ensure we have high level of expertise and access to up-to-date technology.


JVillalobos Consulting actively contributes to our professional and local communities. Every year we provide low cost or free hours to non-profits in the SF Bay Area.


We are always looking for developers who are fun and interested in using FileMaker Pro, MySQL, PHP, WordPress, Drupal, and Javascript to help clients move ahead of the pack.
If you are interested in joining our team, email us your resume.

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