JVillalobos Consulting specializes in custom database applications and websites that support our clients’ workflows to achieve significant productivity gains. Many of our customers benefit from our consulting, market research and support services, centered on FileMaker Pro 16 and FileMaker Pro Server 16. Whatever your technology needs or deployment option is best for you, we support it with careful analysis, a thorough consideration of your work flow, and great project management.

Founded in 2000 and located in San Francisco, California, we serve the entire Bay Area, California, USA, Canada and many international clients.  We even have international clients in Greece, Switzerland, UK, Spain, Canada, and Mexico.

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WordPress and FileMaker Pro: The Perfect Marriage
Do you have a website and wish it could pull data from FileMaker Pro Server for things like displaying your inventory, submitting a work order, registering for a class, or more sophisticated WebApp unique to your business ?  We like to marry the power of WordPress with FileMaker to help you organize and centralize your data. Ask us for a demo.

FileMaker 16 is finally here! 
This new version brings tons of new features but for most of the clients will be the iPhone/IPad clients for FileMaker called FileMaker Go and a brand new technology that will allow you to use a web browser to connect to FileMaker Server.  Combined with many developer features, FileMaker is now an even more outstanding development environment.

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Kerio Partner, JVillalobos started 2017 by becoming an authorized reseller for Kerio Connect Mail Server and technologies. We have been big fans of this product for years having installed it at client offices and now we want to share the excitement with our customers.  Kerio Connect is full featured email, calendar, and address book server for Small to Large Clients who wish to have the same features as Microsoft Exchange at significant savings.

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FileMaker Pro and Web Hosting Partner
Triple 8 Networks and JVillalobos Consulting work together as partners to provide new and existing customers a delightful experience when moving their database to a high performance, secure, and reliable database host.

In addition, JVillalobos Consulting assists it’s client when they need to configure dedicated servers (VPS) and or multi-server configurations at Triple8 for demanding applications.

If you are a Triple8 customer ask about your free introductory package!

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